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Art Micro Patronage is on hiatus in order to take stock of what we’ve learned during our first 6-month run of shows. During this first round, approximately $1000 was distributed to artists via AMP. Although this isn't nearly enough to make this project or the practices of these artists sustainable, it's not nothing. The artists featured in AMP exhibitions did not have to create a saleable product or write a grant application. We've demonstrated that people are willing to support creators simply for the work that they do. Our current plan is to put on another set of 6 shows with a few tweaks to the system and some partners and sponsors.

The internet is fertile ground for artists whose approaches offer us new ways of seeing every day. They deserve recognition, critical thought, and financial support in order to continue their creative inquiry. Exactly how that can and should happen is an ongoing conversation that we are glad to be a part of via this project. We’re very grateful to all our artists, curators and patrons who participated in it. And to Southern Exposure, whose Alternative Exposure Grant got this project off the ground in the first place.

If you have any thoughts on Art Micro Patronage as a platform or if you're interested in sponsoring a show, we’d love to hear from you. Please get in touch.

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Curator Lindsay Howard frames her current online-only exhibition at Art Micro-Patronage, "C.R.E.A.M.", by pointing to the elephant in the room: "Over twenty years have passed since net art first appeared on the screen," she writes, "and we still don't have an established system for buying and selling it."

With online storefronts dominating the mobile market, it’s safe to assume that most people who own digital devices have some experience with the concept of micropayments. But now that we’ve grown accustomed to the idea of shelling out tiny nuggets of tribute for things like apps, games and music, are we willing to do the same for art?